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Friday, 1 September 2017

The 9th Month of the year is here!  I'm off to Paris this month my blog viewrs. I have always wanted to go there, since 1995 when my sister, Claire, went on a school trip there. She brought me back a gold keyring with a white backround and the words Paris written on it in black.  I still have but know I guess I can get a new one to replace it?  My school locker key and my gymn locker key were on it.  I do hope Paris lives up to my expectations!  I will be flying from Cape Town to France with Air France- on an A330 for my viewers of my  anyway have a super month all my blog viewers.  (I only have 12 blogs now as I reported my original blog, alifenotlike yours.blogspot to google by mistake thinking that the button Report on my blog would give me a report on my blog, and not report it as a suspicious blog to Google.  They reviewed it and cancelled my blog as apparently it contained Malware!?  Anyway have a super month y'all.  Singing off for this blog and my 12 others Ciao Dave.