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Sunday, 27 July 2014

cpt apt


Criminals have A NEW trick they are using to hijack drivers near Cape Town International Airport.
Hijackers are placing cardboard boxes or plastic bags that cover rocks or chunks of concrete in the middle of the road HEADING to Cape Town International Airport along the N2. They place up to three of these objects in the road, giving the driver little choice but to hit one of them, as it is quite a busy road. When a car drives over these, it causes serious damage to the car and forces the driver to pull over. As soon as the driver pulls over, hijackers attack the driver.
Or, as happened to a SAA cabin crew member- he pulled up to avoid the rocks and the hijackers took the opportunity to attack him. Luckily he escaped with just a couple of bruises after SOMEONE stopped to help him.
The airport is aware that this is happening, and they working with the police and engaging in necessary SECURITY. In the meantime,  road users are advised to be vigilant and drive carefully. Remember, don’t speed so that you have enough time to react before possibly hitting these o

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