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Monday, 21 December 2015

Club Mykonos

Recently I stayed at Club Mykonos in Langebaan "your piece of Greece on the West Coast" is their marketing slogan.  We booked it before our house sold so that we would have somewhere to go to on 1 December, the day our house got transferred to the current owners.  We booked two weeks (1-15 December 2015).  Our booking was made via  This resort has had really bad guest reviews before so I decided being an affiliate on a travel site and having two consumer/establishment rating blogs, and, I would give my honest opinion on this resort.
Check-in - This was a quick and easy process but cannot be done until 4pm - why?
Rooms - We were firstly allocated a room on an active building site.  It had scaffolding and building rubble everywhere - I even had to move a plank of wood so that our porter could get his trolley, with our stuff in it, through the ruble!  This despite us asking for a quite room with easy access (I do have a slight disability! visit  We never went into that room because once the porter had managed to jiggle the key in the Kaliva's lock (on the fifth jiggling of the key the door opened!),  my mom and I were so unhappy about the room we were allocated so we took our stuff back to our car and went back to reception.  The two young male receptionists were both very pleasant and offered to find us a new room as soon as possible. (my mom did however threaten to sleep in the lobby with me during our stay if this could not be sorted - seeing as how they had already taken payment of the R11000 plus we paid to stay there! and apparently the money was not refundable!  - I think that policy needs changing - SA consumer Rights would agree!  - If it wasn't your fault, it shouldn't be your problem!  
When we finally got into our Kaliva it was clean but very outdated furniture and very hard beds.
Cleanliness of the Kalivas is ok (and I say only ok because we were in our Kaliva one day during the cleaning process. (A squirt or two of detergent into the basis, collecting old towels, put all the dishes in the sink at once and clean them. Sweep the floor and that was it!)
The general areas near the Kalivas is a bit scruffy with rubbish (cans, chip packets and Cigarette butts are everywhere) – sis!
The staff here are all very friendly and greet you when you go past them.
The Cleaning staff did however not shut Kaliva doors behind them when cleaning the Kalivas.
This is super important regarding security – hotel cleaners MUST ALWAYS close a room door behind them when cleaning a room not only so that no Joe Soap can walk into your room and help himself to your possessions but also for the cleaners safety. Hotel cleaners in the world have been assaulted by thieves before when somebody of disrepute has gone into a room in a hotel to take stuff.  This was not done I walked into my Kaliva a few times and the cleaner just assumed it was me staying there? 
Conference Centre – I only went there to use the loo.  It is super clean in the Conference facility and the receptionist told me you can have 4 smaller or one big conference room. Good to know for my next conference!?!  One day maybe I will hold a conference there? 
Pools – There is a lovely big outdoor swimming pool and a few small ones near the Kalivas.
TV Reception - This was very poor on most stations.
Feral Cats - being a felinofile (a cat lover) I love cats, and this may sound odd but all these kitties running around is lovely!!
Chester the Donkey - he is a legend but is apparently being retired at the end of this.  His handler, William, who is also being retired with chester (he is about 80 too?!), told us in Human years Chester is about 80. My goodness.  An old age to be giving children rides.
Views - there are some amazing views at this resort, be it at the poolside overlooking the ocean or at the Marina or just the resort itself - you could almost imagine you were in Greece.
Overall - "It is what it is!" It needs a lot of improvements done - but done the correct way - i.e. do not allocate guests who have paid to stay at your resort, rooms on active building sites!  I have a hotel and catering Management Diploma and I did study via correspondence, but my notes did say when you do heavy maintenance in a hotel/resort you must block off the section being maintained and not have guests on either side of the room being maintained - the renovations on the Kaliva next to ours started at 6 am and ended at about 6pm?
My rating of this piece of Greece 6/10 - a low score but some good/ some bad "just get it right!" so that people get the value you claim to offer.
I await a reply from you Club Mykonos, if you do not reply I guess it shows that once you got the money you do not care?!?  Anyway if you do reply, your reply will be posted on my blog!


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